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Wide Span Shutter

This roller shutter range is made with a precision roll formed roller shutter profile, and is suitable for many widespan applications. Extra wide security shutters made from aluminium extrude double skin slat. High security door due to the double skins.

Heavy Duty Shutter

Heavy duty non-fire rated roller shutters are vertical rolling shutters constructed from interlocked zincalume steel lath sections. These shutters are more commonly used in warehouses, factories, industrial units and loading areas with large openings or strict demands for security.

Automatic swing Door

Automatic swing doors open by rotating either inwards or outwards about a vertical axis. We can also convert manual swing doors into automatic doors.Automatic swing doors allow a better use of space by facilitating the flow of people in public areas.

Automatic sliding door

Automatic door opens when the door controller receives an activation signal by the sensor and activate the gear motor to drive the belt and pulley. When no one is detected inside the activation area, the door starts closing after a designated period of time.

Automatic boom Barrier

Automatic boom barrier offers security at the exit and the entry points of industrial unit, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plazas etc. Automatic barrier can be used to successfully control pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

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