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At LMT Automation, we take immense pride in being the sole authorised dealer and mother distributor in India for numerous esteemed international automation brands. Our wide range of brands includes V2, ALUTECH, tsuyoitech, and ALCANO, each specialising in different automation solutions to cater to diverse customer needs.

V2, an Italian brand renowned for its expertise in gate motors, offers state-of-the-art solutions for gate automation. With their advanced technology and innovative designs, V2 gate motors ensure reliable and seamless operation, enhancing security and convenience for your customers.

ALUTECH, on the other hand, is a leading brand primarily focusing on aluminium shutters, garage doors,Louvres,. Their high-quality products combine durability, functionality, and aesthetics, providing unmatched performance and protection. ALUTECH’s extensive range also includes tubular motors specifically designed for shutters, guaranteeing smooth and efficient operation.

Hailing from Korea, tsuyoitech is a prominent company specialising in entrance automation solutions. Their cutting-edge products, such as automatic doors and access control systems, ensure efficient and secure entry points for various applications. With tsuyoitech, you can offer your customers advanced technology that enhances convenience and safety.

Lastly, ALCANO, a renowned Chinese brand, specialises in gate motors. cost-effective solutions, suitable for a wide range of gate automation applications.

By becoming a dealership partner with LMT Automation, you gain exclusive access to these prestigious brands, enabling you to offer your customers the best automation solutions available in the market. Our comprehensive training programs and continuous support ensure that you have the knowledge and resources to effectively promote and sell these brands, establishing yourself as a trusted automation provider in India.

Join LMT Automation today and unlock a world of opportunities in the dynamic automation market. Partner with us to benefit from our extensive network, proven expertise, and comprehensive training, empowering you to thrive as a successful automation dealer in India.

We are delighted to present an exceptional opportunity for you to become a part of the thriving automation industry in India. We cordially invite distributors and dealerships from all across the country to join hands with us.

This venture promises to be a golden ticket to kick start your business in the burgeoning automation market, backed by the reliability and credibility of one of India’s most trusted companies.

Training is a key pillar of our commitment to excellence. As the authorised dealer and distributor for major automation brands in India, LMT Automation provides top-notch training in both technical and management aspects of the business. Our comprehensive 2-day workshop, conducted by domain knowledge experts, covers all crucial facets of the industry, ensuring you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to excel.

Furthermore, we facilitate training sessions directly from the brands themselves, allowing you to delve deeper into the technicalities and gain unparalleled insights. Throughout your journey, our experienced mentors from LMT will provide continuous support and guidance, ensuring the profitability of your dealership in the shortest possible time. We prioritize customer satisfaction and guarantee ample support for all your clients.

Join LMT Automation today and unlock a world of opportunities in the dynamic automation market. Partner with us to benefit from our extensive network, proven expertise, and comprehensive training, empowering you to thrive as a successful automation dealer in India.

Take the leap and embark on an exciting journey with LMT Automation. Contact us now to explore this remarkable opportunity.

Why you should take LMT DEALERSHIP ?

Are you looking to venture into the thriving automation market in India? Look no further than LMT Automation, the leading name in the industry. Here’s why you should consider taking LMT Automation’s dealership:

Authorised Dealer and Mother Distributor: LMT Automation is the only authorised dealer and mother distributor in India for renowned international automation brands. This means that as a dealership partner, you gain exclusive access to a wide range of top-quality automation products from reputable brands such as V2, ALUTECH, tsuyoitech, and ALCANO. You can confidently offer your customers the latest and most innovative solutions in the market.
Growing Market Opportunity: The automation industry in India is experiencing rapid growth, driven by increasing demand for efficiency, convenience, and enhanced security. By partnering with LMT Automation, you position yourself at the forefront of this expanding market, giving you a head start in establishing a successful business. Benefit from the growing demand for automation solutions and tap into the vast potential for success.
Comprehensive Training and Support: LMT Automation is committed to your success. As an authorised dealer, you receive comprehensive training on both technical and management aspects of the automation business. Our expert trainers will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively promote, sell, and support the automation products. Additionally, you’ll have access to continuous support and guidance from our experienced mentors, ensuring your dealership becomes profitable in the shortest span of time.
Diverse Product Portfolio: With LMT Automation’s dealership, you gain access to a diverse product portfolio catering to various automation needs. From gate motors ,Residential shutters,shutter motors,high speed doorto garage doors, All entrance automation solutions, you can offer your customers a wide range of options to choose from. This versatility allows you to cater to different market segments and customer preferences, expanding your business opportunities.
Established Trust and Credibility: LMT Automation is recognised for its trustworthiness and credibility in the industry. By aligning yourself with our reputable brand, you gain the confidence of your customers, knowing that you are associated with a trusted company. This association enhances your reputation, making it easier to attract customers and build long-term relationships based on reliability and quality.
Join LMT Automation’s dealership and unlock a world of opportunities in the booming automation market. Benefit from our authorised dealership status, comprehensive training, diverse product portfolio, and established reputation. Take the leap and partner with LMT Automation to become a leading automation provider in India.

LMT is the only authorised distributor of some of the internationally leading brands in the filed of automation. Brands such as tsuyoitech, ALUTECH, V2 etc

LMT already has a good network of dealership PAN India. Many business houses are already associated with LMT in different cites around India.

LMT has been to security & automation business for more than 2 decades. With in this span of time LMT has been able to provide the best customer satisfaction with the best quality product & services. This has build a Trust for the brand.

Services from LMT are trusted, reliable and professional.



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