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Perforated Galvalume CNC shutter

Galvalume Rolling Shutters with finely perforated profiles helps in achieving visibility, light infiltration and ventilation. Used extensively in residential windows, Patio areas, Garages and Glazed Area for Extra Safety.

Poly Carbon Shutter

Standard polycarbonate rolling shutter combines the transparency and strength of polycarbonate slat with aluminum / stainless steel tube. It is a popular design for applications that need security as well as transparency. Polycarbonate rolling shutter are widely used in balconeys, sitouts, garages etc in homes.

Aluminum Shutter

Our versatile range of Aluminum exterior shutters offers multi-prong benefits including. Aluminium is generally a very good material to produce various sizes and profile designs of roller door slats that give an edge over steel products that are roll-formed and not as versatile, also of course, aluminium does not rust!

Customized Grill Type SS shutter

Automatic Rolling Grills are fabricated from high-quality steel rods to operate on the same principles as rolling shutters. Ideal for a large opening in houses, guard for large UPV windows, garage. Rolling Shutter Grills permit full ventilation and let in light, and keep out pilferers.

European Style - Full Flat Shutter

Full Flat Shutters give a modern flat & plain look to your garage. This helps in keeping the modern aesthetics of your house. This also ensures security with the high strenth structural design of the roller flat sheet. This is ideal for garages of homes with elegant designs.

Aluminum Perforated Shutter

Aluminum Perforated Shutter offers a lighter alternative to our perforated steel shutter, this product is ideal if the customer wants a manual and aesthetically pleasing roller shutter over a counter or small opening.Aesthetically pleasing alternative to steel if customer requires a look that is less “industrial”

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