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Entrance Automation Application For Commercial

At LMT Automation, we strive to provide high-quality entrance automation solutions that prioritise security, efficiency, and user convenience. Whether you need shutters, overhead doors, retractable gates, high-speed doors, boom barriers, or automatic doors, our range of commercial entrance automation applications is designed to meet your requirements and enhance the overall functionality and safety of your commercial space.


  • Shutters
  • Over head doors
  • Gate Automation
  • High speed door
  • Automatic door
  • Boom barriers



MS, GI Light Duty Shutter

Perforated Shutter

Polycarbonate Shutter

Galvalumne Heavy Duty Shutter

Custom designed grill shutter

Commercial widespan shutter


Over Head Doors

Commercial Over Head Doors

Transparent Glass Sectional Doors


Gate Automation

Retractable Gate


High Speed Door

Modular Type

Anti-Crash Type

Clean Room Application

Cold Storage Applications

Food Applications


Automatic Door

Automatic Sliding Glass Door

Automatic Swing Door

Polycarbonate Sliding Folding Door


Boom Barriers

Heavy Duty

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