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The LMT Louvred Pergola offers a solution for day and night enjoyment, allowing you to control light, air, and even embrace the monsoons under its weatherproof Louvre Smart Roof.

With the LMT ALUTECH Louvred Pergola Balcony application, you can transform your Outdoor Balcony into an extension of your living or bedroom, providing a space to enjoy throughout the day and all year round. The automated louvred roof adjusts to provide just the right amount of light, shade, and protection from the sun, rain, and dew.

Patios in your garden or lawn offer a wonderful place to spend time surrounded by greenery. The LMT Louver Smart Roof Pergola gives you precise control to make the most of your patio in all seasons. This louvred pergola allows you to manage heat, light, and air, providing a comfortable environment. When closed, you can even enjoy the monsoon rains under the waterproof louvres, and during cosy winters, stay warm underneath the pergola.

While a glass roof adds elegance and allows sunlight in during the winter months, it becomes redundant in the summer. By installing our smart louvred roofs, you gain the ability to control sunlight and heat as desired. With the simple rotation of the louvres from 0 to 135 degrees using a remote control or wireless switch, you can create the ideal atmosphere throughout the year.

Poolsides are the ultimate destination for relaxation and enjoyment, where you can spend quality time with family and friends. The LMT Louvre Pergola, featuring a four-column free-standing design, is perfect for poolside use. Equipped with Solar & Wind Zip Screens on all sides, this pergola provides an ultra-luxurious space to lounge in all kinds of weather near the pool. The built-in LED lights enhance the ambience, inspiring evenings spent by the poolside.

  • Great appealing visual definition.
  • Protection from lightning and control temperature in the room.
  • Easy to use
  • Indoor open air experience
  • Provides additional daylight and ventilation.

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