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Introducing our Wider Span Garage Shutter, a revolutionary solution designed to accommodate larger garage openings with ease. At LMT Automations, we understand that not all garages have standard dimensions, which is why we offer this specialized shutter system capable of spanning widths up to 12 meters.

Our Wider Span Garage Shutter is engineered to provide unparalleled functionality and security for garages with expansive openings. With its robust construction and innovative design, it offers a reliable and efficient solution for protecting your larger vehicles

One of the key features of our Wider Span Garage Shutter is its ability to cover larger openings while maintaining structural integrity. The shutter system utilizes high-quality materials and components that are specifically engineered to support wider spans without compromising on strength or performance. This ensures that your garage remains secure and well-protected, regardless of its size.

In addition to its durability, the Wider Span Garage Shutter boasts a sleek and modern aesthetic. The clean lines and smooth finish of the shutter enhance the overall look of your garage, creating a seamless integration with the architectural style of your property. Available in a range of colours and finishes, you can customise the shutter to match your personal preferences and complement your existing design.

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